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Hypnotherapy From Home

No need to come into an office anymore.  You can now get hypnotherapy help conveniently from home

Val Serrie, CHt, CMH,  AHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist


Quit Smoking

Proven techniques for quitting smoking.  If you've tried everything and nothing really worked, try this now. 


Lose Weight

Hypnotherapy is famously effective at helping people lose weight by reducing the desire to eat


Breaking Bad Habits, Cravings & Addictions

From craving for carbs and sugar to full-scale addictions, to just biting your nails, hypnosis can help rid you of these problems


Reduce Fears, Phobias, Stress & Anxieties

There are many types of fears, phobias, and general anxieties.  There are all kinds of stress, and it manifests in many different ways. If you are experiencing any of these, lets discuss what can be accomplished with hypnotherapy


Reduce Chronic Pain

Pain is produced in the mind, and often hypnotherapy can help with that.  Let's discuss your situation.

Therapy Sessions
Frequently Asked Questions
Online Hypnotherapy

Does Virtual Hypnotherapy really work? 


This is the 21st century and many things are online now, from shopping, to banking, booking flights, hotels, to yes, even hypnotherapy. One important lesson that the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown taught us was just how many activities and services that used to require being there in person can now actually be done online from the convenience, comfort and safety of your own home. 

Hypnotherapy is one of those areas of human activity that can be done quite easily and effectively online using modern tools and some basic technology.  If you have a quiet place you can sit uninterrupted for an hour, and access to a computer with an internet connection, then you have what you need to get the hypnotherapy you need to help you change your life for the better.

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About me

Formally trained at HMI, the world's leading college for hypnosis and modern hypnotherapy skills, my name is Val Serrie, CMH, CHt.

I am an AHA-Certified Master Hypnotist, and Clinical Hypnotherapist. 


AHA is the American Hypnosis Association which regulates the field of hypnotherapy for North America.


I am here to help.


I am fully up to date with all the latest techniques in hypnotherapy and have a number of certifications within the areas of hypnotherapy. My clients have enjoyed life-changing success

Getting Help

It's easy to find out more and get started. 

Just reach out by phone, text, or email, or fill in the form below to suggest a day and time that you are available for about 30 minutes to discuss this, your phone number and time zone. I will then send you an intake form with the details I need, and an invite on email to a zoom session for your first session.  To make sure we have plenty of time, please plan for 2 hours for this first session, although it usually lasts for about 90 minutes.  

Phone or Text:



Val Serrie, CMH, CHt,

Frisco, TX

*30 minute consultation and the 90 minute first session are both free!

Val was very helpful to me this year as I prepared for a long distant flight (over 12 hours). I had some anxious feelings about my claustrophobia as I had not traveled this far before. Val taught me strategies to deal with this and thankfully I did just fine on the flight. It's clear to me that Val is a skilled hypnotherapist and has a great desire to help his clients.

Matt, Frisco TX

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