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Lose Weight With Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is famously effective at helping people lose weight.  It's is one of the top two reasons that people seek out hypnotherapy.  (the other top reason is to quit smoking).  

You can expect results, but how quickly you achieve those results depends of course on how much you want to change your habits, and how much you want to achieve your goals.  We can bring your subconscious into alignment with your conscious mind so that the two parts of your mind are no longer fighting each other, but that assumes that your conscious mind wants to or needs to control your weight. 

It's so much easier than forcing yourself to go on a diet, its so much easier than taking diet pills or injections that might have dramatic permanent side effects or damage. 

You can target the end weight you want to achieve, but be aware that if you wish to lose more than 25 pounds, then you will need a referral slip signed by your physician. (We will provide the referral letter to have them sign).  We have to be sure that it is safe for you to lose weight and that there are no other complicating factors involved.  We work together with your doctor to make sure your treatment plan is aligned with their best guidance and advice.

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