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Is It Brainwashing?

Will it make me bark like a dog, or do weird things?

No.  Many people think of stage hypnosis when they hear the term hypnosis.  But stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes only, and does not work with everyone, and certainly is not effective at solving the kinds of problems that clinical hypnotherapy can.


Is it like brain-washing? Does it involve mind-control?

No.  It is most definitely NOT "brainwashing" or "Mind control".  It does not affect the conscious mind at all.  It merely adds some positive suggestions to the subconscious mind to bring it into alignment with the goals of the conscious mind.  So, for example, if a person truly wants to quit smoking, but cannot, that is because his conscious mind and subconscious mind are disagreeing.  Intellectually, he knows it's bad for him, and wants to quit, but emotionally, something keeps compelling him to smoke anyway.  These are emotional urges and they come from the subconscious mind.  When the two fight each other, usually the subconscious mind wins.  This is explained in more detail in the first session.  It is part of the "Theory of Mind", also developed by Dr, John Kappas. 

How do I know I won't be made to do things I don't want to do? 

You cannot be forced to do things your conscious mind would not want to do anyway.  You are aware during the whole process, and would simply reject or refuse any suggestions like that.

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