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Stop Smoking

How to Stop Smoking
This is the most popular service asked for.  With many restaurants, hotels and airplanes becoming “smoke free zones”, there is an increase in the number of individuals who want to stop smoking.

Furthermore, there have been several family members who have been lost to smoking, including my wife in August of 2015, so this is a personal issue for me . . . to help others overcome this habit.


The program for how to quit smoking deals with both the physical and psychological aspects. Some of the challenges for smokers are, what will they do instead of smoking?  How will they be able to socialize without a cigarette in their hand?  How can they start their day or finish a meal without a cigarette?

By stopping smoking, you dramatically decrease your potential to develop lung cancer, emphysema, other respiratory diseases, and thereby extend your lifetime, but also there many immediate benefits as well.  You will taste your food, your sense of smell returns, you don't look haggard and tired all the time, you don't have premature aging with the wrinkles before your time.  You feel and look healthier.  You have more energy.  You can engage in the activities that you enjoy. Also it will free up the money spent on this expensive habit.

Let me assure you that, by quitting, you will be provided with a strong hypnosis session that will thwart any urge for you to smoke in the future. 

You will enjoy your newly found smokeless freedom, as will your friends and family.

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