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Hypnotherapy Before and After

Weight-loss-before after.jpg

There are many pictures of before and after for weight loss from hypnotherapy, but it's hard to show pictures of a mind at rest because they have conquered their fears, or improved their self esteem, got the new job they were looking for, stopped smoking, drinking or taking drugs, or even just improved their golf game.  But hypnotherapy can help with all those things and many more.  Just a few testimonials are here for various clients for various issues. 

“Val was very helpful to me this year as I prepared for a long distant flight (over 12 hours). I had some anxious feelings about my claustrophobia as I had not traveled this far before. Val taught me strategies to deal with this and thankfully I did just fine on the flight. It's clear to me that Val is a skilled hypnotherapist and has a great desire to help his clients.”

- Matt D., Frisco, TX

“Val definitely changed my life for the better. He got me off nicotine, and gave me the confidence and strength to get a better job, start dating again, and I am now in a much better place”.  

- Nick G., Kearney, NE

“Val's approach and process is phenomenal. He took the time to educate me on the power of unlocking the subconscious to help me greatly reduce my desire for unhealthy snacks.  I would recommend Val to anyone”.

- Brian P., Plano, TX

"Val treated me with a simple one-time EFT session for a craving of donuts, and it was immediately effective and lasted for months. 

Then he also treated me for sleeping problems I was having.  I would usually take hours and hours to get to sleep, but he had me in a restful, relaxing sleep in less than 10 minutes.  By the time he let me finally close my eyes, I couldn’t wait to go to sleep.  He gave me a recording on my phone so I could replay it whenever I needed it." 

- Kathy S., Frisco, TX

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